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Hypnotherapy is often associated with smoking cessation and weight loss programs, but has many other uses to support personal change in the realm of mental health. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that can be induced to access the unconscious mind though intense focused relaxation techniques. Hypnotherapy can be especially helpful for treating phobias, exploring emotions and changing habitual negative thought patterns.

Everyone experiences this self-induced state everyday whenever they become lost in thought or daydream and find themselves less aware of their outside environment. While in this condition our conscious ‘walls’ lower and our sub-conscious is more open to suggestion. When induced you will not do anything that goes against your own personal values or beliefs. Generally, most people are aware of their surroundings while in the room as treatment takes place.

Negative thought patterns are often so ingrained that you don’t even register the self-defeating messages that you tell yourself, leaving one anxious, depressed, or feeling like you have no energy to make the changes you would like. A therapist can help you uncover these patterns by using hypnotherapy as a tool to change these inner beliefs. When combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis can act as an ‘amplifier’ for ongoing treatment.

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