Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

What is Online CBT?

Online CBT is the same as therapy in-person, except the therapist and client are virtually communicating instead of in an office.  It is more convenient instead of meeting in person and can help those who find it difficult to commute to a counselor.

Online Therapy in California and South Dakota

How does it ONLINE CBTwork?

Therapy sessions will be held through a platform called VSee or Zoom. These platforms are free for clients to download and use. I will send you an invite before your appointment. You will only need headphones and a computer with a speaker. You can also download VSee and Zoom onto your smartphone.

How Is ONLINE CBT different than in-person?

Online Therapy in California and South Dakota

Meeting virtually is the same as in person,  and we use the same cognitive behavioral protocol applied in the office. There are a few benefits of this online option:

  • Travel and Accessibility:  Maybe it is difficult for you to get to therapy.  You may live in an area that is challenging to travel from or find it physically difficult to travel.  Virtual therapy can be the perfect solution for you. No more missed appointments, traveling long distances, or sitting in traffic.
  • Convenience:  Your therapy appointment is just a click away right from anywhere you choose.
  • Comfort:  There is freedom having CBT from your home where you are most comfortable and may enhance your sessions.
  • Privacy:  Online therapy is still as private as being in your therapist’s office.  The software used in 100% HIPAA compliant and you can remain comfortable during your virtual therapy visits.

Online Therapy in California and South Dakota

Does insurance cover This?

Many insurance companies cover online CBT.   Contact your insurance and ask if telehealth appointments are covered.

Where do Kerschmann and Associates conduct online therapy?

Karen Kerschmann LCSW- CBT, is licensed in both California and South Dakota for online therapy.

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