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Parent coaching can be a useful option as our children shift from children to young adults. Teens feel a tremendous sense of pressure, and parents don’t always have the tools to handle new situations that arise with their kids. When your child is dealing with difficult behaviors or emotions, it can make us feel helpless. However, parents influence over their teen remains strong, and change is possible.

How Can Positive Parenting Help?

Teenagers thrive with a method of parenting where they feel independent, as well as heard and supported. They may not voice it, but the guidance you provide as a parent is appreciated. When I hear kids say their parents are ‘getting in their face’ and ‘nagging’, they often become resentful.  Often they will refuse to cooperate simply to win. The more they feel confronted or attacked, the more they will retreat away from you. Building structure for any child often means setting boundaries. Being there for them in a way that they need and grow from. As you play the role of the ‘railings of the bridge’, you keep on the right track while helping them learn how truly powerful they are.

It can be hard to reach out when things get tough, especially when you hear terms like Oppositional Defiance, ADD/ADHD, and Conduct Disorder. I focus on creating a non-judgmental and supportive environment for parents.

Using time-tested tools to build attachment and harmony, we create a solution-focused plan to help everyone navigate the teen years.

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