Understanding How The 1:5 Ratio Can Benefit Your Relationships

Understanding How The 1:5 Ratio Can Benefit Your RelationshipsHave you ever heard that accentuating the positive can benefit a relationship? Have you ever tried to remain completely positive in a personal or business relationship, only to find that it is impossible to always avoid saying anything negative? What if I told you the key to happiness comes in the form of a balance between positive and negative. This approach is known as the 1:5 ratio, and it is more powerful than you might believe possible.

What is the 1:5 ratio?

The 1:5 ratio basically states for every one negative comment there should also be five positive comments. A negative comment grabs someone’s attention, makes them rethink actions and helps to change their attitude, while positive comments boost morale and offset any feelings of resentment. Using these guidelines, a couple can continue to argue when necessary, but they also need to remain compassionate and show empathy toward each other. Research shows this approach leads to healthier, more productive and longer lasting relationships.

The 1:5 ratio extends beyond love relationships too. This approach will work with business associates, friends, roommates, in academic circles and even when dealing with siblings or children.

In summary, let someone know you do not agree with him or her. Just be sure to bank a few positive comments along the way by saying I love you, expressing verbal appreciation for a strength or offering praise for a job well done. Taking this approach will go a long way toward building the important personal and business relationships in your life.