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AMFT - LPCC - ASW Supervision

You deserve an intellectually stimulating environment that encourages open thought and professional growth. Wherever you are at on your path to licensure, clinical LCSW supervision is a place where you can get the support you need.

The goal of supervision is to increase your clinical acumen and skill, and my job is to ensure that you receive a rich and collaborative environment to do so.  We create a plan to establish your professional objectives, determine what skills will help you reach them, and go from there.

The ASWB Examination is broad and covers what each LPCC, LCSW, and MFT should know.  Therefore, we review each aspect consistently in the clinical ASW supervision groups. When it’s crunch time, you will have your ‘study team’ of other associates to depend on.



Am I able to receive MFT - LPCC - LCSW supervision via videoconferencing?

Per the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, if you work for a non-profit charity you can obtain your LCSW Supervision online. In addition, governmental entities, colleges, universities, and most schools meet these criteria.

How do I know that my clinical LCSW supervision is confidential and follows HIPAA regulations?

As with all clinical ASW supervision, each member signs a letter of the agreement establishing confidentiality in group sessions, with the exception of mandated reporting. Sessions will be held through VSee, a video conferencing platform designed specifically for HIPAA compliant sessions. VSee is free for interns to download and use. 

How much does LCSW supervision cost?

One hour of individual supervision is $100

One hour of triadic supervision is $80

Two hours of group supervision is $70

How many hours can I complete under group ASW supervision?

For associate social workers (ASWs), marriage and family interns (IMFs) as well as professional clinical counselor interns (PCCIs), groups will satisfy up to 52 of the 104 required weeks of supervision.

What does the group process cover?

Most interns I work with come with various levels of competence and needs depending on their professional responsibilities and career trajectory. That said, we create a plan to establish your professional goals and what skills are necessary to reach them.

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences Board Examinations covers what interns need to know as a licensed practitioner. It’s encouraged that you lean on one another to build ‘study teams’ when you are six months away from your first test.

What are the expectations of each participant?

Group work provides an opportunity to receive constructive feedback and ideas from a diverse group of peers. Interns take turns presenting case consult as well as provide helpful input to others. There will be times that either one of us may request an individual session as appropriate.

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