All ASWs and MFT Interns should ask themselves these three questions:

Choosing an LCSW or MFT supervisor is a big decision. This is the person you will be depending on to help hone your skills, enhance your potential, and help you best prepare for the board exams and your next career step. Before you even begin your search, you want to take time and reflect:

What are my career goals?

Finding somebody who is where you would like to be is going to be the best person to tell you how to get there.

What would you like supervision to look like?

Will you prefer to have individual or a multidisciplinary group to consult on cases with? Would you like Skype or video conferencing? Would you like to focus on clinical interventions and theory, risk assessment, countertransference? How would you prioritize each goal?

How do you define your personal ‘best practice’?

Of course you don’t want a ‘yes’ person, but knowing you have someone that aligns with your larger values and beliefs can make you the clinician you want to be.

It can be a challenge to navigate the waters of finding your MFT or LCSW supervisor, choose carefully so that you can reap the rewards and invest in your practice!