Positivity Is Contagious Too!

I previously discussed how the company you keepĀ  can dictate your mood and can cause feelings of depression. Your next question might be: if this holds true when you are around positive people too?

The answer is yes!

Have you ever noticed how a movie with a smiling, joking comedian will bring about great laughter and happy thoughts, and an afternoon spent playing with a joyful child will make you want to laugh and play too? This concept, known in the scientific world as positive synchronicity, is related to wiring in your brain and mirror neurons inside your body that cause you to mimic other people’s behaviors. It is the reason why spending time with positive people can be so important. This holds equally true in the workplace, your home environment and any social settings.

In addition to seeking the company of positive people, it is vital that you remain positive, because your emotions are contagious too. Keep this in mind the next time you are trying to have a positive influence on someone who might be feeling a little down. While your words are powerful tools, your actions speak even louder, and just a smile can make a difference in how someone around you acts, responds and feels. There is always value in a hearty laugh, friendly smile or positive action.

Try living this way, and you just might cause a chain reaction of positivity that reaches further than you ever dreamed possible!